Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frontend Work Samples

Two new sample projects emerged into my github repositories collections:

Angular Jukebox (github)

Angular Jukebox is a fork from arey/angular-musicbrainz. Arey implemented a music search client querying an elasticsearch instance, that you install on your local device or connect to a default service. The implementation serves data from musicbrainz: artists, albums and meta data. I replaced elasticsearch service, changing the service to query data from the spotify web api eddiemoore/angular-spotify.

Geek Label (github)

Geek Label is a simple sample for one page scrolling sites, describing the services of a pseudo company called "Geek Label". Given the design, the implementation provides page slides. It is enhanced by jquery, elegant icon font animating the scolling and MargotFF. The project can be a template for small companies.

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